Dive headfirst into the adrenaline-soaked Plains of Havoc, a fiercely thrilling 2D top-down roguelike. Fight for eternal glory in this hectic afterlife arena.

Every death comes with a price – your hard-earned upgrades will vanish, but in their wake, you gain revered glory among the gods. Trade this divine currency for potent, permanent buffs, designed to help you surge back into battle stronger, more prepared, and ready to slay your next wave of enemies.

Select from a deadly arsenal of diverse weapons, push your limits with novel upgrades, and unleash your wrath on your foes. Your glory will only grow! For those seeking camaraderie, team up with up to three friends and together, assert your dominance on the global leaderboards. Plains of Havoc – where every new run is a fresh shot at undying glory.

This project is part of the Tasmanian Government-funded Tasmanian Game Development Incubator, run by Secret Lab.